Since july 2016, I’ve been having a blast/working as a multimedia designer, concept artist and doing some art director at Moment Factory. Prior to this my illustration career started after attending the three year Illustration program at Sheridan College of Art and Design. Before entering the world of illustration, I was a mural artist, pulling influence from graffiti, tattoos and woodblock, which are still prevalent in my work to this day.



7×7 Magazine, American Airways Magazine, American Prospect, Atlanta Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Bay Street Bull, Billboard Magazine, Blackbook, Boston Magazine, Business 2.0, Canadian Family, Cocoa Magazine, Computeractive, Contemporary Poetry Review, Country Life UK, CSO, Domino Magazine, Engineer Perspective, Enroute, Esteem Magazine, Explore Magazine, Flaunt, Flux, Food Service & Hospitality, Forbes, Forum, Golf For Women, Homemakers, HOW Magazine, Humanist in Canada, Maisonneuve Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Numb, Nuvo, On Nature Magazine, Orange Life Magazine, Out, Playgirl, Portland Mercury, Premiere Magazine, Print Week, Realms of Fantasy, Risen, Rocket Day Arts, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, Saturday Evening Post, Saturday Evening Post, Saturday Night Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Source Media, Ski Press Magazine, Spin, The Atlantic Monthly, The Progressive, This Magazine, Transcontinental Publishing, UP magazine, Utne Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Yen etc

Dallas Morning News, Dose, Eye Weekly, FT London, Nashville Scene, National Post, Redspring Comm., San Francisco Chronicles, Seattle Weekly, Minnesota Monthly, New York Times…

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CryptoLogic/WagerLogic, DDB Canada, Guez Communication, Microsoft…


Kenneth R. Wilson Award: Top 5
Sheridan College Illustration
Outstanding Achievement Award

Communication Arts Fresh
Risen Magazine
Nightlife Magazine
Idea Magazine